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RCM ISOBUS Display Compatibility Guide
Last Updated - March 19, 2019
Contains a downloadable PDF document with details on the different ISOBUS displays compatible with the Raven Rate Control Module.
RCM Capabilities by Machine Type
Last Updated - June 22, 2017
Details on the product and section capabilities of the different machine type options available on the Raven Rate Control Module (RCM).
Raven Rate Control Module (RCM) section control setup with a John Deere monitor
Last Updated - May 1, 2020
Two different methods to allow section control to work when using a Raven Rate Control Module (RCM) on a John Deere monitor (2630 and Gen 4).
RCM Use with 5-Volt Encoders
Last Updated - July 11, 2017
The Raven Rate Control Module (RCM) is designed to work with 12-volt encoders, but can adapt to 5-volt encoders if necessary.
What does the "ECU has disabled prescription control" alarm mean on the Viper 4?
Last Updated - June 28, 2017
The "ECU has disabled prescription control" alarm will display whenever an ISO product is set to Manual mode.
Viper 4 (Raven OS) Widget Glossary
Last Updated - January 29, 2018
Lists the widgets used on the Viper 4 guidance screen while in a job. Provides the widget picture, name, and a description of what each widget does.
How to Upgrade a Sidekick Pro to a Sidekick Pro ICD
Last Updated - June 14, 2017
Sidekick Pro (CANbus and ISObus) pumps may be upgraded using the process detailed in this article.
How to Customize the Main RCM Run Screen
Last Updated - January 31, 2017
This article provides a quick walk-through on how to customize the main run screen on the Raven Rate Control Module (RCM).
How to Use the RCM Quick Start Feature
Last Updated - April 17, 2017
Information on the Quick Start feature and how it works on the Rate Control Module system.
Hawkeye 2 Diagnostic Cables and Their Uses
Last Updated - March 19, 2021
The following list includes diagnostic and update cables as well as where to use them and what to test. There is also the Hawkeye diagnostics kit that contains the cables in the table below.
What is the difference between spinner control and spinner monitoring?
Last Updated - September 23, 2015
Explains the details of each as well as how they should be programmed in order to work.
RCM Master/Section Sense Options
Last Updated - June 22, 2017
Lists out the options for a master foot switch / paddle switch, an ISO Switchbox, or connecting to pre-existing boom switches.